Raimondas Pasternackis apie Woxxit plauku prieziuros priemoniu linija

WOXX founder

Raimondas Pasternackis

Experience in hair styling and beauty since 2000. He is enjoying the challenge to win and compete not only in international competitions of Men’s Haircut or Barber’s Awards, but also in Ironman Triathlons, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Penyagolosa Trails or others.  Raimondas’ mission is to make the daily difficulties of hair styling easier, and to solve the challenges that men regularly face fighting with their hair. With a passionate commitment to men’s grooming, he wants to show his customers new ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives and provide them with great experiences, because he believes that beauty is a kind of happiness too, and that feeling good about the way your hair look is important.

WOXX is not just the men’s premium haircare products – it’s a lifestyle brand, it’s something special! Join us!