12 month warranty. This product has been tested and is free of defects. The manufacturer undertakes that on the date of purchase this device is free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is provided for any defects caused by the manufacturer during the warranty period from the date of purchase.

Should the device fail during the warranty period, we undertake to rectify the fault or replace the product or part of it free of charge, provided that proof of purchase is provided. However, this does not mean an extension of the warranty period.

For warranty on the device, contact the seller with proof of purchase.

This warranty gives you all normal consumer rights and covers all countries in which our device has been sold by our authorized representatives.

The quality guarantee does not apply to: 1) minor damage, scratches, damage to the wired connection; 2) if the failure occurred due to the product not being used for its intended purpose or in violation of the technical instructions; 3) in the event of a breakdown due to an accident, abuse, misuse, contact with liquid, fire, earthquake or other external cause; 4) in case of defects due to normal wear and tear; 5) if the buyer does not submit the purchase document (invoice, check, receipt, leasing agreement); 6) wearing parts (wires, connectors, batteries, holders, etc.).